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Our focus for Science has been Animals including Humans. We have looked closely at the food groups and what types of foods we need for a healthy, balanced diet. We used this knowledge to plan, design and make smoothies.

We sampled various fruits and smoothies to find out what sort of fruits we liked, and also what fruits went together nicely. We also found out the fruits that we didn’t like, as you can see from the pictures! πŸ˜‚. We then decided on our ingredients that we were going to use.

Once we had done that, it was time to make the smoothies. There was a fruit table set up in class, and we had to put the correct fruits in our cup, ready for the blending process. We added the juice we had chosen and then yoghurt if we’d chosen to include that. Blending was LOTS of fun but also made LOTS of noise!

We then sampled them, and have yet to evaluate them to decide what worked well and what we would change next time.