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Design & Technology


The aim of our Design Technology curriculum is for our pupils to explore the existing technology developing around us. From this, our pupils are then equipped to generate their own ideas and designs. Design Technology is a non- core foundation subject that develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials including food. We want to instil creativity through this subject and feel pupils have the opportunity to combine this with practical skills to ensure they complete the design process form to start to finish. At St Catharine’s we endeavour to make pupils aware of the impact of Design Technology on our every day lives.

D&T Is Fun


The National Curriculum 2014 requests that during each Key Stage pupils develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through the design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge process. At St Catharine’s our planning creates motivation and enthusiasm through a range of Design Technology topics. Following the design process all pupils can create a product following given design criteria on which they can test and improve ideas. Pupils have the opportunity to develop problem-solving and thinking skills by designing a product with a purpose in mind. Pupils are encouraged to work both individually and as a team member, to engage in discussions and sharing ideas. Pupils use a floor book or a design process booklet when working so they can see how real life new technology develops in a similar way. Design Technology is a valuable subject that draws on other subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, Engineering, Computing and Art.

Design Technology lets children use their imagination and take risks to make a product they can see, touch and even taste. It gives them a sense of achievement and pride. It develops an array of skills year on year and is a learning platform for other subjects.

At the end of each topic, assessment takes place through a post learning task and the school format of a foundation subject traffic light system to show working towards, expected or greater depth targets.

To ensure progression and continuity of Design Technology, monitoring of planning and pupil’s work throughout the year will aid our development within this subject.

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