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Our MFL curriculum is designed to encourage the children to use all the four skill areas to the best of their ability and to develop confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing before the transition to High School. The hope is for children of all abilities to leave St Catharine’s with a love of a language and with a thirst to continue into KS3 & 4.  

M.F.L. Is Fun


French used to be the preferred language at St Catharine’s, but with more high schools in the area offering Spanish, it was decided to introduce Spanish in September 2018 to year three and four, with French continuing in year five and six. However, following consultation with the current Year Five class, they too will now be learning Spanish so that, in the 2019-20 academic year, all junior classes will be learning Spanish.

St Catharine’s MFL programme of study is in line with the requirements of the Primary Languages Curriculum. The children should study six units in each key stage; twenty four in total over the four years. These units are a good foundation to the KS3 curriculum and equip the children with the necessary vocabulary, grammar and language skills to help make the transition to KS3 more accessible.


Through the teaching of MFL at St Catharine’s, the children are being given the chance to learn a language and explore another culture. Thus enabling them to broaden their horizons and take an insight into different ways of life. The children’s enthusiasm to learn a language is extending beyond inside the classroom. Outside the classroom, the children greet the MFL teacher in the target language and often like to practise what they have learnt with family at home.

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