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Year 4 

May, already? The best month of the year! I do hope you have had a fab week, although the sunshine hasn’t been on our side. Sometimes it can be tricky to keep active when the weather is dreary. I’ve been trying to walk up and down the stairs to keep myself active – What ways have you been finding to keep active?. It has been wonderful to see photos on Class Dojo and Messenger to see you are all keeping well and safe.

English – Letter Writing Continued..

For some inspiration, I have wrote you all a letter…

Lockdown Letter


This week’s focus is recapping multiplication. Below is a video to help you recap formal written method and a worksheet.
Multiplication Tutorial

Year 4 – Maths 4.5.20

Year 4 – Maths 4.5.20 Reasoning 2
As you had all been working extra hard on your arithmetic skills, I have created an arithmetic paper for you to work through at your own pace. If you would like a challenge, set yourself a 20 minute timer.

Arithmetic 04.05.20

Extra Challenge: If you fly through these, I would like you to use your multiplication skills to create a worksheet that I could complete!



This weeks focus is ‘Multiple Choice’ questions looking at the skill of RETRIEVAL and VOCABULARY. 

Multiple Choice Tutorial

Year 4 – Reading 4.5.20

Multiple Choice Answers


This week’s focus is a recap of expanded noun phrases using ‘The Midnight Fox’ as a stimulus

Expanded Noun Phrase Tutorial

Year 4 – Writing 4.5.20

Spelling: For the next week’s, I will be uploading activities to a specific spelling rule or prefix/suffix

This week’s is the prefix ‘inter’ – means ‘between’ or ‘among’.


Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet

Word Search

The Wider Curriculum:

I would love to see which activities you have completed, you can send photos through school’s Facebook Messenger or Class Dojo (if you need the code for class Dojo, I can find these and resend)

Year 4 – Home Learning Log 4.5.20

Purple Mash – This week, I have set a variety of Science and History activities on your 2do page

Hope your week is as fabulous as you all are! ✨

Please make sure you stay safe, have fun and keep learning! I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces and the work you create this week. Remember, photos – send to Class Dojo or School’s facebook messenger

Miss Coldron 😊👍♥