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Year 4 

Hi everyone, I hope we’ve all had a positive week. As the weeks pass by, I’ve been trying to go on a couple of different walks and find some beautiful places. Have you explored anywhere new near your house on your daily exercise this week? Here is a photo at Scotsman’s flash, where many of you have been sailing. I would love to see some photos of beautiful places you have found near where you live!



This week’s focus is recapping division. Below is a video to help you recap formal written method and a worksheet.
Dividing by a 1 digit number Tutorial 1
Dividing by a 1 digit number Tutorial 2

Year 4 – Maths 11.5.20

Division PV chart

As you had all been working extra hard on your arithmetic skills, I have created an arithmetic paper for you to work through at your own pace. If you would like a challenge, set yourself a 20 minute timer.

Arithmetic 11.05.20 6

Extra Challenge: If you fly through these, I would like you to use your division skills to create a worksheet that I could complete!



This weeks focus is ‘Ranking and Ordering Events’ questions looking at the skill of RETRIEVAL and VOCABULARY. 
Ranking and Ordering Tutorial

Year 4 – Reading 11.5.20

Year 4 – Reading 11.5.20 Answers


This week’s focus is a recap of direct speech (Pattern 1) using ‘The Midnight Fox’ as a stimulus

Direct Speech – Pattern 1 Tutorial

Year 4 – Writing Pattern 1 – 11.04.2020

Spelling: For the next week’s, I will be uploading activities to a specific spelling rule or prefix/suffix

This week’s is the prefix Anti- (Meaning ‘Against’)

Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet

Word Search

The Wider Curriculum:

I would love to see which activities you have completed, you can send photos through school’s Facebook Messenger or Class Dojo (if you need the code for class Dojo, I can find these and resend)

Year 4 – Home Learning Log 11.5.20

Purple Mash – Check your 2do page!

Hope your week is as fabulous as you all are! ✨

Please make sure you stay safe, have fun and keep learning! I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces and the work you create this week. Remember, photos – send to Class Dojo or School’s facebook messenger

Miss you all lots…

Miss Coldron 😊👍♥