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A warm welcome back to everyone after what we hope was a peaceful, restful summer break! Batteries are recharged and we are ready to go with an exciting new curriculum and all sorts of activities and visitors lined up for the children.

A special welcome to our new children in Reception. The children who have started today look very smart in their uniforms and are having a lovely day.

Also, a special mention for our Y6 pupils who look fantastic in black! I am sure you will all wear it well and do your family, your school and yourselves proud this year.

We warmly welcome Mr Liptrot to our school. He will be organising a lot of PE, lunchtime and extra-curricular activities for us this year.

Finally, congratulations to Mrs Moody (Miss Carroll) and Mrs Maguire (Miss Booth) who both got married during the holidays.

Please remember the up-coming ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings taking place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. (2.30pm) We look forward to seeing you all there. There were a lot of very happy parents on the playground this morning as all the children were dropped off – why was that, we wonder?!