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Good morning parent teachers out there!

The attachment below contains 25 fun, simple activities which can be done at home with little or no equipment. Many of them are activities that can be continued over a series of days or could be repeated using a different song/story/setting if the children enjoy them.

Remember, the most important thing about any learning is that it is fun. And fun is certainly the most important thing to emphasise with your child at the moment. Please do not stress about completing an entire school day of learning, everybody is in the same situation and the worst thing you can do at the moment is create a negative environment.

So, have a go at some of these below. Don’t try and do them all today, spread them out! And if you want to send us a photo or video of your children’s creation, be it a photo or a video, please send them on messenger – we would love to see them!

CLICK HERE for 25 fun activities at home!