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The link below leads to a newly published work booklet by Headstart Primary that they are offering free of charge at this current time for parents to use. PLEASE DO NOT PRINT IT ALL OUT! (Or ring school to ask us to print it – we haven’t got enough paper either!)

The best way to use this booklet, and the reason we have attached it, is that it is full of activity ideas at the right level for the age group of your child. As with anything like this, your child may find some too easy or some too hard but, for yourself, it is a guide to the kind of work completed in their year group. So your child could try some of the questions here or make some similar ones up of their own.

Please remember that you are not expected to teach your child at this time! Letting them practice things they can already do and getting them all right (“I can do these easily!”) is more positive than them getting stuck on something they can’t do – and the resultant frustration. Also, having fun doing some constructive or creative activities is always the best way to go!

CLICK HERE for Y5 Maths and English activity booklets