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Click here for the Wellbeing Through Sport (WTS) Sport and mental health wellbeing booklet

The link above is for the newly published WTS sport and mental health wellbeing booklet. It is a really nice document with useful activities, some of which you may find like to try with your children over the coming weeks. As with any such document, there are things to consider before you start using it:

  • the activities are not age specific so will need adapting, particularly for younger children,
  • if you try to follow it word for word (in terms of the timetable or the specific planning) the children will probably get bored – and so will you! The booklet is best used as a set of activities that can be cherry picked to suit a particular interest or need of your child,
  • as with any other ‘subject’, the best use would be a little bit every day or few days, rather than focusing on it for a sustained period of time,
  • if you do decide to do any of the activities, don’t worry about a strict amount of time – determine the length of the activity by the level of interest your child has.

The whole point of the activities are a focus on your child’s physical and mental wellbeing, and yours as a parent too – if you try and formally structure these activities too much they may negatively affect your mental wellbeing which defeats the object! Make them as relaxed and fun as possible!

We hope you find them of use.