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Year 2: Home Learning Week 3

Hi Year 2,

I hope you have had a lovely week this week in the sunshine!  We have managed to get out walking lots this week and have spent lots of time outside in the garden.  We came across a beautiful display whilst we were walking over our local fields.  A farmer has put together some scarecrows and has made them into key workers (really important jobs that need to be done). I have decided to make this into our weekly ‘Learning Log,’ and this is attached below. I hope you enjoy it! 🌈🌟

Updated Overview and Learning Log

I have attached an updated overview as some of the objectives were a little too big to put into one week’s

Year 2 Weekly Learning Overview UPDATED.docx

Here is the Learning Log activity for this week. I know there is a lot on each one so feel free to continue with last week’s too. I can’t wait to see pictures of scarecrows you have all created!

Key Worker Activity

Learning Log Tutorial

Reading: Week 4

This week, we are still focusing on retrieval. You will be answering true or false questions and finding evidence to support your answer. You were all brilliant at this in class. It is an activity based upon a text all about Springtime. 🐞

Springtime Reading

True and False

True or False from a picture WARM UP

Reading: Part 1

Reading: Part 2

Reading: Part 3

Reading: Part 4

Maths: Week 4

For your Maths work this week, I would like you to practise counting in 3’s. I have done video tutorial for you to watch which shows different ways you may like to count in 3s, but you can just count in your 3 times table. There is then a workbook of lots of different activities for you to complete. I have also attached a hundred square which you may find useful.

Count in 3s

Hundred Square

Maths: Part 1

Maths: Part 2

Maths: Part 3

Maths: Part 4

Maths: Part 5

Writing: Week 4

Now we have recapped word classes and simple sentences, we are going to be revising our coordinating conjunctions. These are the words we use to use to create compound sentences. ‘FANBOYS’ is the word we use to help us remember them. As always, I have attached a video tutorial to help you and then there is a follow up activity.

I did say in my video I would add the Jack Hartmann video clip for capital letters, so here it is:


The video tutorial I have kept based upon Meerkat Mail, which we know really well. The follow up activity is based upon a video, which is below. It is called .Whistleless.’  Whistleless has no whistle.  All her friends and family have a whistle – she sets off on an adventure to find one.


I’m sure you will all really enjoy the story. Here is the activity and video:

Coordinating Conjunctions

English: Part 1

English: Part 2

English: Part 3

English: Part 4

English: Part 5

Have a wonderful week…

I hope you are all safe and well and have a great week this week.

Missing you all lots.

Miss Loveday 😊🌟 🌈