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Year 2: Home Learning Week 5

Hi Year 2,

I hope you have had a lovely week. The weather hasn’t been quite as warm this week, has it? At least it hasn’t rained too much. I have been in school this week, working with the children that have been in. Miss Helen has cooked some delicious dinners, and we have busily been making scarecrows to go on display at school. Have you seen them as you have been walking by?

Speaking of scarecrows, as I drove home on Thursday, I realised that a scarecrow had appeared in my garden. My neighbours had also been very busy!!!! Can you guess who they made?!

I hope you have enjoyed making your scarecrows at home too.  Here are this week’s home learning activities…

Reading: Week 5

We are continuing to use our retrieval skills this week, and I would like you to practise your matching skills. Remember that ‘matching’ means to join up in a particular way. You were all brilliant at this in class. I have modelled an activity on the video about butterflies and your activity is based upon sunflowers. 🦋 🌻


Matching Activity

Reading Video Part 1

Reading Video Part 2

Reading Video Part 3

Maths: Week 5

This week, I would like you all to practise your number bonds to 20 and 100. Remember to use your number bonds to 10 to help you with this.  The videos this week are by White Rose Maths Hub and they are brilliant. Use these and then the follow up activity is underneath. I have also put a Jack Hartmann video on to help you.






Your writing focus for this week is to continue working on coordinating conjunctions and compound sentences. I have kept the story as ‘Whistleless.’ If you need a reminder on the different conjunctions, feel free to go back to last week’s video before watching this week’s. I can’t wait to read your sentences. 🐦 

Coordinating Conjunctions Challenge 3 4 5

Writing Video Part 1

Writing Video Part 2

Writing Video Part 3

Writing Video Part 4

Writing Video Part 5

Writing Video Part 6

Home Learning Log: Week 5

Here is this week’s ‘Home Learning Log.’ I hope you enjoy the activities! 🌈

Learning Log – Year 2

Have a wonderful week!

Have a great week, everyone! I can’t believe we are in week 5 of this half term. I hope you are all well and staying safe.

Missing you all lots, hopefully it will be safe enough to go back to school soon.

Miss Loveday 🌟😊🌈 x