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Year 2: Summer Term 2
Home Learning Week 1

Hi Year 2,
What a beautiful week it has been for half term. I hope you have all managed to get out in the sunshine and spend some time with your families at home.  We had a lovely week in the garden with Scout.  He enjoys the paddling pool and does spend a lot of time getting us wet, splashing around! 🐾

Home learning starts again this week. I have updated the overview which I will post below.

Year 2 Weekly Learning Overview UPDATED

I hope you all have a wonderful week  😊

Reading: Week 1

Please continue to read every day. There are some suggestions on the overview for different texts you could read.

This week’s reading continues to focus on retrieval. This time, there are not any answers for you to choose from. You need to used your retrieval skills to find the answers. The text is all about dolphins.

Remember to continue to read the question twice, underlining key words, and use your skimming and scanning skills to find the answer.

Tutorial: Reading Video Part 1

Reading Video Part 2

Dolphins Comprehension

Retrieval Questions – Dolphins


Maths: Week 1

This week in Maths, you will be recapping adding with tens and ones. The videos are completed by White Rose Maths and model exactly what we have completed in class.

Remember to use your Base10 drawings to help you if you need to or to check your answers.

Here is the adding ones activity: Lesson-4-Add-and-subtract-1s



Here is the adding tens activity: Lesson-1-Add-and-subtract-10s-2019



Keep using Times Tables Rockstars to practise your times tables too!

Writing: Week 1

This week, you will be deconstructing a diary entry.  I have written one all about a day in my half term holiday. I hope you enjoy it.

You will need to look for capital letters, full stops, adjectives (describing words), coordinating conjunctions and adventurous vocabulary.

I have attached the video tutorial and the activities below.

I have also added a planning sheet because next week you will be writing your own diary entry about a day from you half term. You can used this to jot your ideas down. :).

Tutorial Part 1

Tutorial Part 2

Tutorial Part 3

Tutorial Part 4

Diary Entry and Success Criteria

Diary Planning Sheet

Learning Log & Other Activities…


This week, I have decided to create a Learning Log all about Summer! I have added lots of activities, so you can complete these over two weeks. Try to complete as many as you can. Our topic for this half term would have been the seaside, so I have also tried to link it to that too. I can’t wait to see all of your brilliant creations.☀️

Learning Log – Year 2


Here is an extra activity booklet if you would like to complete it. It has lots of fun activities inside.


Thank you…

I can’t actually believe we are heading into our final half term of this year, a huge thank you all working so hard at home. You are all doing a brilliant job!

I hope your week is as fabulous as you are.

Keep smiling, stay safe and I hope to see you all really soon.

Miss Loveday 🌟🌈☺️