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Year 2: Summer Term 2
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Hi Year 2,
We certainly have had a change in the weather this week, haven’t we? It was definitely needed for our garden because all of our plants and the grass had started to become very dry. I hope you all had a great week. ⭐️

Reading: Week 2

The reading focus for this week is to put events into chronological order (the order in which they happened). Our text is all about a caterpillar.

There is a warm up activity for you to complete too!

Events in Order – Warm Up

Ordering events FINAL

The Cautious Caterpillar

Reading Tutorial Part 1

Reading Tutorial Part 2

Reading Tutorial Part 3

Reading Tutorial Part 4

Reading Tutorial Part 5

Maths: Week 2

Your Maths activity this week is to add two digit numbers. You were all brilliant at this in class, so I am sure you will be just as fabulous now! Remember to draw your tens and ones to help you.

Adding two-digit numbers

Writing: Week 2

Last week, you deconstructed a diary entry that I had written all about my half term. This week, it is your turn to have a go at writing a diary about one of your days from half term or from last week/weekend.

Make sure you remember to include capital letters, full stops, adjectives (describing words), coordinating conjunctions and adventurous vocabulary.

You can use the success criteria to tick them off as you have used them.

I have also added the planning sheet just in case you didn’t get chance to plan last week. ☺️

Diary Planning Sheet

Diary Entry and Success Criteria

Learning Log…

Please continue with the Learning Log all about Summer! Try to complete as many as you can.

I can’t wait to see all of your brilliant creations.☀️

Learning Log – Year 2


Have a lovely week everyone,

Stay safe, have fun and enjoy spending time with your family.

Missing you all lots!

Take care,

Miss Loveday 🌟☺️🌈