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Year 2: Summer Term 2
Home Learning Week 2


Hi Year 2,
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and had a great week last week. Where has the sun gone?! I can’t believe we are now in Summer, and it rained nearly every day last week. Scout is very much enjoying splashing in the muddy puddles and playing with his toys inside. I hope you have a great week. Here are your home learning activities for this week…


Reading: Week 3

This week, your reading activity is linked to oceans. I know you all know the five different oceans, so this reading comprehension is all about retrieval using ‘find one thing questions.’ You were all brilliant at the in class, so I’m sure you will be just as fabulous.

Find One Thing Questions


Maths: Week 3

Your Maths activity this week is to subtract two digit numbers. Remember to draw your tens and ones to help you.

Subtract 2 Digit Numbers


Writing: Week 3

Your task this week is to revise subordinating conjunctions, which we completed before we finished.

The ones we had looked at were: when, if, because, before and after.

This week, you will just need to identify the two different ideas and the subordinating conjunction this week.

I have attached a document to help you with this.


Subordinating Conjunctions

Have a great week…

I hope you are all staying safe and well, and continuing to enjoy your time with your families.

It is so strange going in to school and not seeing all of your smiling faces.

Missing you all lots. Hope to see you all really soon.

Miss Loveday x✨😊