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Year 4 

Hi Year 4 and families. Hope you are well and keeping safe ♥

Here is what we will be covering this half term Year 4 – Weekly Learning Overview v2



This week’s focus is Multiplication and Division. I know we have recapped this at the beginning of our home learning journey, but it is a vital skill to all mathematics. So, it is important to consolidate.





As you had all been working extra hard on your arithmetic skills, I have created an arithmetic paper for you to work through at your own pace. If you would like a challenge, set yourself a 20 minute timer.

Arithmetic 15.06.20 11

Extra Challenge: If you fly through these, I would like you to use all of the skills we have recapped recently (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to create a worksheet that I could complete!




Recently, you have worked considerably hard on a variety of different question types – well done Year 4. Over the next coming weeks, we will be putting all these skills together to complete a reading comprehension. Remember to apply all of those skills you have been practising!

Year 4 – Reading 15.6.20 Text

Year 4 – Reading 15.6.20 Questions

Year 4 – Reading 15.6.20 Answers



This week’s focus is recapping 3_ed sentences!

Success Criteria 3_ed sentence

Year 4 – Writing 15.06.20

Spelling – This week’s is Adding the suffix -ous

Continuous Cursive

Year 4 Term 3B Week 1 – Look Say Cover Write Check

Year 4 Term 3B Week 1 – Word Search


The Wider Curriculum:

I would love to see which activities you have completed, you can send photos through school’s Facebook Messenger or Class Dojo (if you need the code for class Dojo, I can find these and resend)

Year 4 – Home Learning Log 15.6.20

Blank World Map

Purple Mash – Check your 2do page!

Hope your week is as fabulous as you all are! ✨💌

Please make sure you stay safe, have fun and keep learning! I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces and the work you create this week.

Remember, photos – send to Class Dojo or School’s facebook messenger

Miss you all lots…

Miss Coldron 😊👍♥